Thailand Forums

Thailand Forums

There are now countless web forums and discussion boards about Thailand.

Some cover the whole of Thailand, others concentrate on one city or area such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

The highest concentration of Thailand Forums are based on Pattaya where there are literally dozens ranging from the very large ones to forums with a small handful of members only.

If you are looking for a nice friendly Thailand Forum that covers everything from expat to tourist information then you should try Its new and much smaller than the other general Thailand Forums but that has the advantage that you don't get shot down in flames by the old hands as you will on large sites like ThaiVisa.

One word of warning: Many of the Thailand Forums have large coverage of the bar and "leisure" industry in Thailand. However these only cover this at higher membership levels so you will not encounter this as a new member or guest.

Thailand Forums that do not cover the bar and leisure industry include

Largest Thailand Forums

Only two Thailand Forums are very large, these are.

There are several secondary sized forums including

Most of the other forums have low to medium user numbers with many being very small indeed, often acting as forums to promote one bar in one town or city.